Antonella Nicoli

Antonella Nicolì

Text / Content Creator

Antonella likes telling stories. As a child her sole means of communication was her quick mouth, which promptly earned her the nickname “Radio Ziegelbrücke”. Later, she was given her first camera and finally shut up. As a content creator, she is often seen buzzing around with museum-quality artefacts such as ballpoint pens and notepads and, on a quest for inspiration, misusing any surface in the agency as a seat (only to then realize she needs the world wide web to google synonyms). Her job title may have changed, but her love of storytelling is alive and well. Antonella’s most valuable possessions are still her books; her happy place is a dark movie theatre and her favorite sound the catchy Netflix intro. But give her a glass of red wine and a listener… and she's back on the air.

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