Works of Art on Paper

New Exhibition: Through Walls and Layers
The best way to find out what holds the world together at its very core is to cut it open. Cathedrals, skulls, the hulls of ships, the circles of hell – nothing and nobody can escape the exploring cut. The inner life is then presented as images, models or on the object itself. The new exhibition at the ETH Zurich Collection of Prints and Drawings shows how the cross-section functions as a visual principle of insight.

Room for Art
For over 150 years, the ETH Zurich Collection of Prints and Drawings has known that two dimensions are more than enough to open up completely new worlds for the viewer. Several times a year they put together public exhibitions from their collection of more than 160,000 works of art (and from various loaned pieces). To mark the anniversary, we developed a grid for flyers, posters, advertisements and screens that makes the brand recognizable across all exhibitions while still giving room to the exhibition topic. For drawings and engravings, we also use a colour concept that unobtrusively accentuates the works. Two dimensions, ample scope.