SIX Group i-connect campaign

SIX ensures the worldwide flow of information and money between banks, traders, investors and service providers. In spring 2018, the SIX intranet i-connect was modernized and filled with new functions and content. A campaign was created to draw the employees' attention and inform them.

In an animated short video, Peter the avatar explains what the new i-connect has to offer. In other means of communication, the intranet is compared to a powerful engine. Claims like "it's powerful, it's i-connect" are an allusion to the platform's improved features, but could just as well describe an engine. As a 3D visualization, the engine draws attention in a teaser video and is used on posters and below-the-line communication (such as placemats in the SIX cafeteria).

The integrated campaign with 2D and 3D animations, communication content and print products was completely bilingual in English and German.