This is where the DNA of the brand is formed. The chosen strategy must be anchored in content and visual terms. Branding forms the foundation for the overall publishing and campaigning. Successful branding is characterized by vitality, independence and a clear communication of brand values.


  • Strategic positioning
  • Development of brand architectures
  • Corporate Design Projects
  • logo design, font design
  • Corporate websites
  • Image brochures
  • Offer & Product Brochures


Corporate publishing is based on strong branding. The brand should be in constant contact with the target groups. In this context, storytelling and "creative branded content" are of central importance. A modern brand knows how to tell gripping stories and thus build a strong bond.


  • Social media publishing
  • Blogs, video blogs, CEO videos
  • Customer magazines
  • Employee magazines
  • Financial reports
  • Public Relations & Public Affairs
  • Investor Relations


Cross-media campaigns are the freestyle of brand communication. A strong emphasis is placed here (building on the publishing flow). In order to achieve maximum impact, temporal, spatial and monetary means are bundled. Campaigning uses several channels and supports brand positioning.


  • Online advertising (banners, AdWords)
  • Microsites, cross-media campaigns
  • 3D motion, animation, visualization
  • Apps (iPhone, Android, etc.)
  • Below the Line & Ambient Media
  • TV & radio spots
  • Outdoor Posters & Print Ads

sergeant services one voice


Philosophy: One Voice

Only those who speak with one voice make themselves heard and appear credible. Sergeant's holistic approach ensures that your message reaches your target group. On the right channel and in the right tonality.

Mission: Engagement

Sergeant wants to define, position, maintain, develop, stage and always keep brands alive through comprehensive and very personal support with inexhaustible commitment. Sergeant puts itself entirely at the service of your brand.

Basic information

Legal form: joint-stock company
Capital: CHF 100,000
Year founded: 2009
UID: CHE-114.771.096