Hi there, we’re Sergeant. A full-service agency established in 2009. With a team of committed creatives, storytellers and strategists we help you build your brand from the ground up. Or reinvent it, polish it, put a spotlight on it. As Sergeants, we’re at your brand’s service. And we’re eager to meet you.


The first step on the path to a successful brand presence is a clear strategy. It should define the positioning of the brand and its goals. Because all branding depends on a successful strategy, we at Sergeant like to assist you at this early stage of the process. Together we will examine your market environment and identify the various avenues open to your company.


This is where the DNA of the brand is built. Branding implements the strategy visually and content-wise and is the foundation for publishing and campaigning. We work with you to develop an independent, strong branding that clearly communicates your brand values while setting your company apart from the competition.


A modern brand knows how to tell gripping stories that create emotional connections. Storytelling and branded content ensure an ongoing conversation with the target audience and are among our areas of expertise. We help you find the best stories, tailor them for all your communication channels and tell them in a way that makes them stick.


Cross-media campaigns are where we excel. It’s where our knowledge of the industry and our deep understanding of your brand come together to create bigger things. Our many years of experience enable us to effectively pool all the necessary resources and to serve each and every one of your communication channels.